Healthy Happiness – Improve Your Wellbeing And Knowledge

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There is a clear link between healthy happiness and Google scholar. In fact, I was surprised by how highly both rankings correlated when comparing the first version of my study (from 2021) with my most recent version (from 2021). The correlations are quite strong, and they hold across a range of measures. Health is certainly one of the things on which people tend to look as being directly associated with Google scholar scores, given that many of the health-related topics attract much more traffic. Of course, the correlation isn’t perfect-for instance, many diseases that were thought to be unrelated to academic success and Google scholar (such as high blood pressure) turned out to have some positive effect on rankings.

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But there is a very strong correlation between Google scholar rankings and overall life happiness. For instance, those who are very happy with their lives tend to be much happier than those who are not. And those who are very satisfied with their relationships are happier than those who aren’t. Also, those who are active in various public affairs and civic groups also report higher life happiness than those who aren’t. Again, this holds true for all of the various topics included in my study.

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In short, the link I found between life happiness and Google scholar isn’t a big surprise to me-it’s just that it is interesting that there is such a direct connection. My guess is that people who are extremely content are happier than those who struggle with high levels of personal satisfaction. Google scholar helps people figure out what is important to them, and this helps them prioritize their lives and their careers. This is part of the process of building up a more positive profile in the public health sciences. As someone who works to educate the public about effective public health strategies, I find this especially relevant today. Your healthy happiness is important to your overall wellbeing.

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