Health Benefits Of Ginger – Improve Your Overall Health

Health Benefits Of Ginger - Improve Your Overall HealthIf you’re new to the ginger family, perhaps you may not be aware that ginger has many health benefits. One of the most important benefits of ginger is the anti-inflammatory benefits. Ginger helps relieve inflammation, especially of the joints. For this reason, ginger can be taken for arthritis as well. Here are some of the other health benefits of ginger:Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger has an anti-inflammatory component known as gingerol. The anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger contain an ingredient called gingerol, which acts as an anti-oxidant. The anti-oxidant properties of ginger inhibit the formation of nitric oxide, which is a chemical reaction in the body that contributes to pain. Nitric oxide is believed to be responsible for the relaxation and pain relief caused by NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications). In a May 2021 study from the University of Beijing, researchers reported that drinking ginger tea every day helped reduce the number of chronic inflammation markers, such as C-reactive protein (CRP), in the blood of laboratory mice. In addition, ginger and its derivative compounds, also called gingerols, were found to reduce the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the mice’s blood.Ginger - Improve Your Overall Health

Research from the SRI International in the year 2021 reported that eating foods that have been indicated for lowering cholesterol and decreasing blood pressure may help lower the amount of circulating inflammatory chemicals. These results suggest that consuming ginger or taking supplements of ginger may help lower the levels of inflammatory chemicals in the body. A number of supplements are now on the market that contain ginger.

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