A Great Counter Punch Article About Optimism and What It Means Today

World peace and ending hunger are two topics often discussed at dinner parties. How people view these topics says a great deal about their personality. For example, a pessimist will talk about how these problems have existed for centuries and will continue for generations to come. In contrast, an optimist remains positive that these problems can be resolved in his or her lifetime. What he or she does in this situation is claim their own power to leave the world a better place. An optimist looks for ways to make the situation better, while the pessimist simply accepts this is the way things are and lets it go.

Free Will

Some people argue that the choices a person makes are all a matter of free will. Each individual has complete control over their life and how they react to different situations. While this is true to some extent, no person can control the actions of another. For instance, a drunk driver may leave an individual incapacitated. It’s how the person reacts to his or her changed life that shows the level of optimism. The pessimist blames the drunk driver and the optimist moves on to find ways to compensate for the injuries or disability.


Nevertheless, certain people may be born with advantages. A person cannot change where they were born or who their parents are. This has been determined before they arrived on the earth. Furthermore, social class and religion are typically established by the parents. A pessimist again simply accepts this is the way things are. On the other hand, an optimist recognizes this is the way things are but looks for ways to overcome any obstacles in their path with regard to where they want to go.

While an individual may have limited resources, it’s how he or she makes use of these resources that determines the course of their life. A great Counter Punch article explains what optimism looks like now and everyone should read it. The key to remaining optimistic, however, is making the best use of any resources available to you. When you do so, you’ll find you can keep dismay and despair at bay and live the best life possible.